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Chowa Concept Home Kitchen Cabinet Door Style and Finish

January 12, 2020 |  Categories: KBIS 2020, Chowa Concept Home

With such a large-scale project, there are dozens of moving pieces, hurdles to jump, and spaces to complete. DesignCraft was lucky enough to be features in almost every major room of the home, and we chose to highlight a few of our favorite spaces.

It wouldn’t be a home without a Kitchen, and we’d be missing a huge opportunity to not focus on the space, as well as two baths, and a flex-entertainment area.

Three DesignCraft finishes and two door styles are featured throughout the house, each an equal part of the balance of design in each space. Kitchens, bathrooms, living and dining spaces all have unique needs in the model home of the future, and Sekisui House as well as Woodside Homes did an amazing job designing a home with flow.

As an environmentally involved company, DesignCraft was more than happy to offer Reconstituted Heartwood as a centerpiece for designs; both sustainable and safe for our environment, materials like this are at the heart of the Chōwa concept home

In the kitchen, Bella doors play the part of a neutral dark, with more than meets the eye. A slight sheen comes from the Onyx stain, and reads as a simple black from afar. Stepping into the kitchen, you can see the difference that reconstituted heartwood makes. With more tannins than normal wood, Heartwood reinforces a deeper shading, and when paired with a finish like Onyx, just enough of the natural warm tones come through, resembling a creamy nitro-brewed coffee or porter.

A hybrid design for a hybrid space: the flex entertainment area on the upper level features our Gibson acrylic doors. These are a staple of modern minimalist design, and the use of natural and modern materials works well for a space with a duality. The White Dahlia finish is a true neutral, that reinforces the linear lines of modern spaces, while also reinforcing the humble grace of natural materials. Paired with the medium gray of Cobblestone fronts, the drawers and desk space feature a contrast that defines, but doesn’t overpower the area.

The master bath is a marvel of design and modern engineering, that reinvigorates the black and white palette with an interesting twist on dual vanities. Placed across the shower from one another, these Onyx finished Heartwood cabinets are connected by what separates them: the large glass shower, a crafty use of glass that opens the area.

In bathrooms, a vanity plays the part as a unifying agent, and the Straight Red Oak chosen In the second bath features a tight grain, which is agreeable with clean lined contemporary style., A cobblestone finish is the embodiment of an agreement between Onyx, featured in the kitchen, and White Dahlia featured in other areas of the house. They Gray stain is in harmony with Red Oak’s warm tones, blending neutral gray with subtle yellow and orange hues.

At the end of the day, a model home is beautiful, but often enough, just that: a model. To recreate this look in your own space, or use our designs to inspire the next best thing, visit the products page of our website for all finishes, colors, and trims used.

Amongst every room of the concept home is a creative glow that we at DesignCraft are happy to be a part of. Modern, sustainable, builds like this are projects that we hope to see more and more of in the future, and we’d like to thank everyone involved in the project for coming together.

Bella Door Style (slab)

  • MDF with 3mm thick 6 plywood veneer

ROOMS:  Kitchen, Back Kitchen, Laundry, Master Bath, Dressing, Baths #1, 2, 4, & Powder Room.

  • Reconstituted Heartwood veneer – Engineered to have a clean and consistent straight-grain appearance featuring reconstituted face and edge band.
  • Onyx stained finish – Deep & rich with heavy coverage of warm black color.

ROOMS:  Loft Entertainment Center & Desk

  • Straight-Grain Red Oak veneer – Heartwood with quartersawn/riftsawn face and red oad edge banding. Clean and consistent appearance with a coare texture.
  • Cobblestone finish – Inspired by the natural beauty of river rocks that withstand years of weathering, only to emerge more beautiful. Uniquely textured in subtle shades of grays and browns, created using a multi-step glaze application.

Gibson Door Style (slab)

  • MDF with acrylic fronts and melamine backs

ROOMS:  Loft Entertainment Center & Desk, Bedroom #3

  • Acrylic – Rich high-gloss finish featuring an impact resistant, resilient high quality colored layer, which is permanently fused with a clear ultra-high gloss acrylic top layer. This Glossy Color is then applied to a substantial base to create a cabinet door that is long-lasting, sleek and sophisticated. Beautiful and durable, careful buffing and polishing removes minor scratches.
  • White Dahlia  – A striking white with just a hint of warmth.