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Available in Exotic Veneers, Reconstituted Heartwood, Reconstituted Whitewood, Straight-Grain Red Oak and MDF

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  • Exotic Veneers Exotic Veneers
  • Reconstituted Heartwood Reconstituted Heartwood
  • Reconstituted Whitewood Reconstituted Whitewood
  • Straight-Grain Red Oak Straight-Grain Red Oak
  • Door and drawer front are constructed from 3/4″ thick veneered MDF with 3 mm thick, 6 ply wood veneer edge banding.
  • Moldings ordered in MDF door styles will be constructed of maple and painted to match.

MDF Specifications

  • MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is an engineered wood product made by breaking down hardwood and softwood into wood fibers and combining with resin. Pressure and heat are then used to create a smooth surface with a consistent core. Painted MDF is durable and more resistant to warping, expansion and contraction than solid hardwoods.

Glass Door


Transom Mullion