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Charging Drawer

Charging Drawer

Keep kitchen countertops clear of cords! This specialized drawer has built-in electrical outlets, ready to charge all your mobile devices.

Auto Drive Vertical Lift Door

With just a light touch, motorized doors lift straight up automatically and stay put, giving you easy access to everything stored inside wall kitchen cabinets.

Cookware Organizer

Pots and Pans organizer

Store lids, pots, pans, and oversized cookware in this handy slide-out organizer.

Pull-Out Spice Rack

Store spices and more, all neatly tucked away in this sleek base kitchen cabinet that pull-out, giving full easy access to items from both sides.

Waste Basket Kitchen Cabinet

Conceal compost, recycling, and garbage all in this single kitchen cabinet. It rolls out seamlessly and closes softly.

Knife Block Pull-Out

Maintain clean, uncluttered countertops by concealing a clever knife block inside this kitchen cabinet that pulls-out to reveal full access to everything stored inside, including a lower bonus shelf for dishes and small appliances.

Canister Pull-Out

Organize all your most used kitchen tools and larger utensils with this dedicated kitchen cabinet that pulls-out to reveal the entire interior, giving full access to storage from both sides.

Knife Block

Kitchen Drawer Knife Block

Free up counter space! Store knives this specially-designed knife block, tucked into an easy accessible drawer.

Shallow Drawer Divider

Shallow Drawer Divider

This Drawer Divider gives you the same kind of organization for short, shallow drawers, previously only available on deeper kitchen cabinet drawers.